Cresco – strategic partnership with is a collaborative innovation platform in which a number of major banks, insurers and market infrastructure players work together on common innovation challenges and build bridges to the start-up and scale-up community.  

The investors in the platform are AXA, BNP Paribas Fortis, ING, KBC, Belfius, Euroclear, SWIFT, AG Insurance, Baloise Insurance, Allianz, Isabel, BNY Mellon, Mastercard and the Belgian Government - by means of the federal investment fund.

B-Hive has three goals:

  • Maintain the competiveness and leverage the opportunities offered by the digital transformation for the financial services industry
  • Build a strong local start-up ecosystem in Belgium that exports its products and services
  • Attract foreign smart technology companies to Brussels as a gateway to the Eurozone

B-Hive has built an extensive partner network with other federations, public partners and universities and now counts most of the local start-up and scale-up community in digital finance among its partners.

Partnership rationale

David Dessers, managing partner at Cresco, explains why the firm is enter into this structural partnership: “At Cresco, we are passionate about entrepreneurship and contributing to entrepreneurial growth. We are honored and thrilled to enter into a strategic partnership with Belgium has incredible fintech entrepreneurs, companies and talent.”  

Pieter Capiau, partner at Cresco, adds: “We firmly believe that will play a key role in the building of a strong European fintech ecosystem. Together with its partners will create very strong key initiatives, providing all participants with opportunities for the digital transformation of the financial services industry.

Wim De Waele, CEO of, outlines the importance of this partnership: “ is excited to build a successful long term partnership with Cresco, which has been instrumental in the design and establishment of the platform. Cresco will take the lead in several key initiatives focused on scaling and corporate venturing.  The firm and its lawyers are without a doubt considered by technology entrepreneurs, companies and investors as the go to leaders and experts on entrepreneurship and growth, providing unique subject matter expertise.