Cresco Academy

At Cresco we are passionate about entrepreneurship and fostering the growth of our clients. We are intimately aware that Cresco and its lawyers form an integral part of the business and investment community and strongly believe in our duty to contribute to the future and success of such community well beyond our client services.  

As part of our commitment, we have founded Cresco Academy, dedicated to providing entrepreneurs, companies and the investment community with the knowledge, know-how, insight and network to grow their businesses to the next level.

We have deep-rooted relationships with entrepreneurs and companies, leading investors, banks and accounting firms, as well as universities, incubators and accelerators. We are keen on leveraging our network through Cresco Academy to provide a unique learning and networking platform.

Business, strategY and legal education

Cresco Academy organizes conferences and seminars with the aim to give back to the community. We always endeavor to involve experienced industry leaders and entrepreneurs, investors and other thought leaders to share their knowledge and experience with the participants.

Several broad topics covering business, strategy and legal matters are treated at Cresco Academy events. We strongly believe in the interactive case study method allowing the participants to gain insight into real life examples instead of abstract theories.

Since the formation of Cresco we have partnered with the following prominent institutes and organizations to share our expertise, knowledge, know-how and insights with them and their stakeholders:

  • a collaborative innovation platform in which major banks, insurers and market infrastructure players work together on common innovation challenges and build bridges to the start-up and scale-up community
  • imec, a world-class research nanotechnology research institute and technology incubator, for dozens of motivated tech entrepreneurs participating in the iStart incubation program
  • Watt Factory, a Ghent based co-working incubator, focused on smart cities and climate change, for selected Master Classes for high-growth entrepreneurs
  • and&, a one of a kind summit & festival at the intersection of health, tech & creativity, presenting a well-selected worldwide collage of +100 thinkers, inventors, entrepreneurs & artists 
  • Level Up 2016 and 2017, which has showcased dozens of succesful scale-ups and start-ups from Belgium, for selected Master Classes for high-growth entrepreneurs
  • Techtour Benelux 2015, which has showcased 75 prime innovative companies from the Benelux region in May 2015, for selected Master Classes for high-growth entrepreneurs
  • Techtour Data4Health 2017, which has showcased digital health and medtech pioneers, for a presentation on the importance of GDPR
  • Antwerp Management School, a leading Belgian business school, in the Investor Readiness and Organizational Readiness programs for entrepreneurs
  • Vlerick Business School, a leading Belgian business school, in the entrepreneurship program on typical founders’ dilemmas
  • Microsoft Innovation Centre, a Microsoft facility that provides world class resources and support for students, entrepreneurs and startups

We have provided expert guidance and counseling to hundreds of entrepreneurs in seminars and (group and individual) workshops, e.g., concerning the following topics:


  • Formation, fundraising and scale-ups of technology companies
  • Founder relations and dilemmas
  • Ownership structures of technology companies and optimization of founder stakes
  • Valuation versus investor protection
  • Intellectual property strategy, protection and enforcement
  • Intellectual property monetization strategies
  • Commercial contracting for technology companies
  • Open source management
  • Corporate venturing for start-ups
  • Corporate venturing for corporates

Cresco networking

We regularly organize networking events which are open to entrepreneurs, emerging, growth and established companies, as well as other members of the investment community, and serve as an interactive platform to socialize, share experiences and build long-lasting networks.