Cresco Academy partners with gaming collective House of Indie

Cresco Academy partnered with House of Indie, a gaming collective, for its 2015 HEADSTART, a weeklong international summer school for starting indie developers.

The Antwerp-based House of Indie is a very young collective of game designers, curators, enthusiasts and carpenters. It wants to unite the existing indie developers in our region, and inspire more people to join the community.

The House of Indie gathered an all-star team of mentors, composed of indie game veterans and industry specialists, to arm the participants with all the knowledge they need to get ahead on the road to independence. From game design over technology and aesthetics, to marketing and even business and legal advice.

About Cresco Academy

Immersed in the technology venture space, Cresco Academy aims to offer entrepreneurs, emerging, growth and established companies and the investment community in general, with a unique platform to learn, share and build durable networks.

The Cresco Master Class at 2015 Headstart

During an interactive Master Class with over 20 participants, Cresco thought leaders ensured that the participants received an intensive and practical course on the following key business and legal matters relevant:

  • How to set up an independent company and organize founder relations
  • How to prepare a company for fundraising
  • Valuations vs investor protection
  • How to structure relationships with venture capital investors

The Master Class was interlaced with real-life examples and practical guidance.

Bram Michielsen, founder of Antwerp House of Indie states: “Starting a new company as a game developer can be a daunting feat; there's so many things to take into account on the creative side of things alone, that a lot of the more serious stuff often slips through the cracks. Nevertheless, Cresco, drawing on its experience as one of the top firms for tech entrepreneurs, effortlessly managed to keep our attendees' attention and provide them in a clear and accessible way with invaluable legal advice on their road to creative independence, as evidenced by their positive reactions afterwards.

David Dessers represented Cresco during this workshop.

If you are interested in partnering with Cresco Academy for workshops, seminars or networking events, please contact David Dessers.