Cresco partners with Tech Tour Data4Health

Tech Tour, UCB, the City of Antwerp, B-Hive and Blue Health joined forces, together with Cresco and Volta Ventures, to deliver an ambitious Data4Health (DFH) program. 

The DFH Tech Tour has taken place on May 17 and 18 in Antwerpbringing together investors, entrepreneurs, corporations, government representatives and advisors from all over Europe, to look at innovative converging solutions using digital data, healthtech and insurtech technologies and models that will improve patient outcomes and/or health care costs.

30+ of the best European companies, offering converging solutions in the above sectors were pre-selected to present at the event by the investors and corporates of the expert committee.  The applying companies were selected based on their business potential, product and technology merit, competitive position, investment or partnering interest, team experience and project quality.  

Partnership rationale

David Dessers, managing partner at Cresco, explains why the firm is investing in this structural partnership: “We are thrilled to team up once again with Tech Tour, one of the leading European matchmaking events for entrepreneurs and investors. At Cresco, we strongly believe in the development of innovative converging solutions that will improve patient outcomes and/or health care costs.”

Adds Pieter Capiau, partner at Cresco: “Tech Tour and its partners will provide the selected companies with the necessary knowhow, insights and network to exponentially grow their activities and connect with the finest international investors, thus contributing to overall economic growth.

William Stevens, Tech Tour CEO outlines the importance of this partnership: “Cresco – which is unquestionably considered as a thought leader on entrepreneurship and innovative corporate venturing models - is uniquely positioned to provide digital health, healthtech and insurtech companies with solid legal and strategic guidance throughout their entire lifecycle.

About Tech Tour

Founded in 1998, Tech Tour provides a Community facilitating investment into world class entrepreneurs with event and online matching platforms between growing and emerging innovative companies and investors and corporate partners across borders, regions, sectors and stages. Tech Tour is also the trade name for Europe Unlimited. (see also