Legal tools to improve your cash flow management

Cresco Academy – 14 June 2016

Everybody dislikes the hassle of administration and having to chase slow or bad debtors.  Likewise, nobody likes to pay for poor services or goods. Unfortunately, ignoring an issue doesn’t resolve it! It only makes it worse…

The good news is that we can strengthen your capabilities to manage this. 

We will provide you with clear hands-on guidelines and effective measures that you can undertake to act towards clients that are reluctant, unwilling or unable to pay your invoices (in time). We shall address the most efficient ways to react to suppliers that do not deserve your (full) payment because they failed to deliver what you had agreed on.

Follow up and management of your contracts and client accounts by using these measures will no doubt contribute to a more efficient management and the optimisation of your cash flow.  

Because a solid and efficient management of the cash position towards suppliers and clients is key for every company.


Cresco offices

16 June 2016 from 12:00 to 14:00


Registration is required. 

Please contact Natalie Lemense if you’d like to attend.